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  • Step by step guidance on digital marketing strategies and tactics that WILL make you money

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With Long Play Strategic Solutions founder Lael Sturm

The average person checks their phone 96 times a day.  They check email 20 times a day.  They spend over 11 hours per day looking at screens. 


Will they find you?  Will they like what they see if they do find you? 


Digital marketing is something every business, entrepreneur and influencer needs and needs to do well.  This marketing guide gives you the tools to quickly launch and manage your own marketing campaigns with a laser focus on reaching your goals.


The strategies and tactics included in this easy to follow series of videos are the marketing playbook that Long Play Strategic Solutions uses for their agency clients, including billion dollar, publicly traded companies.  Now you can put that firepower to work in your own life regardless of your status or budget.


Armed with these tricks you can easily run your own marketing campaigns or effectively outsource to marketing experts that you hold accountable- because you know what you're doing!  No more guessing and hoping for the best.  Today is the day you take control of your marketing and start seeing results!  Today is the day you Hit Play.


Here's What You Get...

Digital marketing is about achieving measurable results and using your time, money and energy where it will have the greatest impact.  Effective marketing is not about doing everything.  It's about finding the thing that works for you and focusing your resources. 


Each module of this marketing playbook focuses on one area of digital marketing and includes easy to follow instructions and exercises for you to apply today so you get results right away.  You can pick and choose the videos that work for you or go through the whole thing at your own pace.  


    High quality, professionally produced videos AND text so you can watch, read or do both- whatever you need is included here.


    This material is yours for life.  Learn at your own pace and refer back whenever you need a refresher.


    Each module includes practical, real-world exercises. Apply the marketing techniques and you will see new revenue.


    We want you to succeed! Throughout the course you will have opportunities to talk with us one on one and in groups to get your questions answered!

Here's What People Are Saying About The Program...



"For me, a digital dinosaur, Lael's presentation was not only comprehensive but very listener-friendly and inspiring. His knowledge of the digital marketing universe is thorough and deep. He shares his experience openly and gave a lot of good advice and tips. He's a complete, walking, table-of-contents for digital marketing."

Ben Bernstein




"In a sea of social media "experts" there is only one beacon of professional expertise and it is Lael Sturm.  As a business owner whose presence on social media can greatly impact my reach and the first impressions I make with people, Lael has provided expert guidance and the structure necessary to get my presence in shape and well managed."

Christopher Shields




"Lael has a great marketing mind. He understands the mindset of the entrepreneur who needs to use many tools to grow his or her business.  Lael’s digital savvy and resources can help anyone who is willing to invest in their marketing to generate more sales. I recommend this course for businesses of all sizes!"

Francesca Gutierrez Amann



About Your Marketing Advisor,

Coach and Biggest Fan


Lael Sturm, founder and managing director of digital marketing agency Long Play Strategic Solutions, got his start in the music business working for record labels, live music promoters and ultimately MTV.  Internet marketing was brand new at the time (Google and Facebook had not yet been dreamed up) and there was no clear path to follow.  Through trial and error, Lael learned what worked ("Win a chance to dance on stage with Madonna in New York City!") and what didn't work (so much didn't work!).  The challenge of having to figure it out and prove that digital marketing impacts revenue in a good way, laid a foundation for solving problems and sharing best practices with clients, peers and the wider community.  


Over the years, Lael has applied these skills and marketing philosophies to businesses big and small.  He has worked with startups, professional services organizations, family businesses that have been around for generations, publicly traded, global powerhouses and everything in between.  Marketing best practices transcend business size and, in the end, reaching the right buyer at the right time with the right message is universal.  Lael started Long Play Strategic Solutions to make the techniques forged in corporate and music marketing available to Main Street businesses, businesses just like yours.  This course is the next step in the process.  


Lael studied Media at University of Arizona before earning his MBA from Columbia Business School in New York.  Though he no longer works in the music industry, music is always playing at home, in the car and at the office.  The business name is a music reference (Long Play = LP, a full length album that takes planning, thought and effort to put together) and you will see music references and artifacts throughout this course.  Lael lives near San Francisco with his two wonderful children, a giant dog and a modest record collection. 


Marketing Modules


This course includes 5 areas of focus for you to consume and build upon.


Organic Social Media


Social media is the first place your prospects learn about your business.  Even referrals often visit your social media pages before connecting with you.  By focusing on creating value and demonstrating expertise, you can turn social media into an consistent, free source of new inbound leads.  


Lead Magnets


Learn how to attract high quality prospects and compel them to share their contact information with you.  This critical step is overlooked by many and can make the difference between success and failure.  




Search Engine Optimization doesn't have to be confusing!  We break down the components and show you exactly what you need to do in order to attract high quality search traffic and put Google to work as a source of unlimited free leads.


Digital Ads


Advertising on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google is the quickest way to grow your income but if you don't know what you're doing you'll run through your budget before you see results.  This module will give you everything you need to launch a successful campaign and be sure it works to deliver high quality, profitable results.


Email Marketing


Everyone uses email so knowing how to leverage email marketing gives you access to massive audiences without big investments.  These videos on newsletters, automated sequences and list growth give you the blueprint to put email to work driving revenue and referrals right away.


You'll get personal, one on one guidance from the Long Play Strategic Solutions digital marketing team starting with a welcome call to be sure you get off to a good start.

Monthly group calls and speedy support will keep you moving in the right direction!


Community members will also receive bonus lessons and access to other entrepreneurs who are willing to share their success and grow your network.


Once you've completed the core lessons, we will send additional lessons on topics including Analytics & Testing, Video Marketing, Podcasts, Landing Pages and much, much more.  Plus, we will keep you updated on new marketing opportunities.


Kick off your marketing efforts with a member of Long Play Strategic Solutions team for personal guidance and participate in ongoing group calls.  We are real people and are here to be sure you succeed!   


It takes a special person to start a business and commit to the digital marketing necessary for growth.  Meet, learn from and connect with other highly motivated business leaders, just like you in our private Slack group and other events.  These are your people!

Are You Ready to Level Up Your Marketing?

Our Team is Your Team

A dedicated team of career marketers, invested in your success


Lael Sturm


Lael has been supporting businesses with digital marketing since the earliest days of the Internet.  He is a third generation entrepreneur who has touched hundreds of companies as a founder, investor, advisor, consultant and team member.  Lael earned his MBA at Columbia Business School in New York and lives in San Francisco.


Jules Moon

Jules has always loved helping others. She specializes in breaking down complex ideas into their component parts to achieve the bigger goal. She honed her craft working for a wide range of businesses in diverse industries before joining Long Play Strategic Solutions. She is a founder herself and, in her spare time, runs a consignment store and convention that celebrates inclusivity and positivity through artists supporting other artists.


Dan Evans

Dan has a passion for helping businesses grow. He received his international business degree from Pepperdine University and went on to found a successful social media management company before joining Long Play Strategic Solutions. He enjoys working with clients around the world, focusing on their growth and coaching them on digital marketing.  Dan lives in the mountains of Utah with his wife and two enthusiastic kids.

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Other marketing programs might hype the value of what you get for your money ($50,000 worth of goodies for the low price of $XXX!).  While you are getting way more than you pay for here, we'll go a step further.  If, after following these simple plans you don't make $10,000 of incremental income, we'll refund the full price of the course, without hesitation.  


So, just to make the offer clear, we are so confident that this will make you money that if you don't earn $10,000 or more using the techniques we share here, you get your money back.  All of your money back. 


Could you use an extra $10,000? 


And, the best part: your investment in this marketing course is only a fraction of that.  What else have you invested in with that kind of return?  Real estate?  The stock market?  BitCoin? 


Nothing comes close and this investment will continue to pay off for years to come.      

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Money Back Guarantee

This is the only marketing program that guarantees revenue.  How confident are we that these strategies will grow your business?  So confident that we guarantee you will earn 5 times your investment in this course using these techniques or we will give you your money back.  Let's break down the math:


If you invest $2,000 and put these tools to work, you will earn at least $10,000 in NEW revenue or your money back.


So, are you ready to invest $2,000 to earn $10,000?



Lael Sturm


Lael Sturm

Founder, Managing Director

Long Play Strategic Solutions LLC

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